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MooTime Creamery

Some things remain the same throughout the years—one of those things is the love of ice cream.

Ice cream is America’s Favorite Dessert and MooTime Creamery was originally created in 1998 as the best of the best, a premier quality product. Our doors actually opened as Mootown Creamery, but the name was changed in 1999 to secure a trademark. MooTime Creamery’s goal has always been to provide the best hand-crafted ice cream, yogurt and sorbet available in a fun and nostalgic atmosphere. The first store at 1025 Orange Avenue opened in 1998. In 2001, MooTime opened at the world-famous Hotel Del Coronado by special invitation.

Adults and children of all ages, regular folk and movie stars, local politicians, and major athletes such as Magic Johnson, Mandy Moore, Jason Alexander and Cuba Gooding Jr. have all enjoyed a MooTime treat. Locals and tourists can usually be seen well into the late night – standing in line, smelling the waffle cones and waiting for that delicious Mootime ice cream experience!


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